Delta Pool

10 hour exposure; Moontrack on Entrada slickrock pool
Moab, Utah



Moontracks have to pre-visualized when working with large format cameras.  This means the photographer has to know when, where, and how the moon will reflect on the water before the moon arrives.  The altitude and path angle of the moon determine the camera's pitch and height. Wind is the worst weather condition I have encountered as a photographer.  Sometimes blowing so hard, loud, and relentlessly that I can no longer think clearly, the wind has ended many sessions prematurely.  Here, the cameras are protected by portable sandbags and cordage.
Striking by day or night, the Delta Pool is a perennial pool that defies logic.  Located high atop an Entrada mesa, the lip of Delta Pool pours several hundred feet through fluted sandstone to the open slickrock below.  How this porous sandstone can hold so much water throughout the year leaves me guessing.
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