Summer Solstice

8 hour exposure; Solstice moon arcing in the southern sky
La Sal Mountains, Utah

On Summer Solstice, when the sun is high in the sky creating the longest days of the year, the full moon arcs low through the southern sky.  Here in the La Sal Mountains, an oasis in the desert, a small pond reflects the moon while wind and aquatic life rustle the water's surface.






"Mount Peale Reflection" is essentially a film test I made while in the LaSals.  I proofed the composition and exposure on Polaroid film.  Then, I pre-exposed Ilford film anticipating the moontrack later that night.  The moon's trail is reflected behind the evergreens, setting behind Mount Peale in the reflection.  These images were all made the night before Solstice as I looked for the proper location to shoot.

The Polaroid proof  "Mount Peale Reflection"

Sunrise the next day.  Kodak VS Color from 6x7cm film--Kodak VS.  8 Hour exposure
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