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Time Lapse and Videos
PetroScans:  Fine Art Photography by Chris Conrad in Moab, Utah

"Fiora Firefly: 
Fire Performer"

Winter 2013

Videography by Chris Conrad;
Editing by Fiora Firefly

"The Making of MOONTRACKS"

Time-lapse video with voiceover detailing the making of my B&W portfolio "MOONTRACKS" in 2007 & 2008.  Comprised completely of still frames.

Editing by Laurie Collins
Music by Jon O. and Diatonis

The Illlumination Project

Time lapse video of dancers with various light sources over several nights.   We used spotlights, floodlights, moonlight, reflecting pools, and JOY to make this time-lapse video.   Amazing editing by Laurie Collins coordinates the dancing with the music.  
All about joy and fun.

Made with Krista "JOY Storm" Guss and Laurie Collins
Music courtesy of DJ Kenneth Thomas


"Ethereal Days"

My first experiment with time-lapse photography.  This is a voice-over video describing my thought process and work-flow during the creation of my "Ethereal Days" collection.

Editing by Laurie Collins

Music Video
Original music by Shahzad Ismaily

More time-lapse of night skies, desert southwest, and reflections of the moon.   Calm and tranquil without any voiceover, this video and 2 others are included on a DVD (Hi-Quality) with the MOONTRACKS Portfolio.   From 2007 and 2008.

Edited by Laurie Collins


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Chris Conrad photography in Moab, Utah

Fine Art photography by Chris Conrad in Moab, Utah

Chris Conrad photos

Chris Conrad photography